Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I buy blog articles for sale?

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What is it going to be like?

We are holding six events and each will be different, but what they will have in common is a steaming handmade sauna, parked outside of a gallery/lounge area, that people can move freely in between during all events. The overall vibe will be welcoming, relaxed, open and thoughtful. On some dates we’ll be kind of serious, but other dates we’ll be more playful.

Is the same thing happening at every event?

No. Some events are just low-key open sauna times to refresh and detoxify communally. Others will have sauna-ing plus conversational agendas—mostly focused on issues surrounding the way that rapid real estate development impacts Bostonians. There will also be an event or two that are more playful. We will be updating http:// with event specific details.

Do I have to sign up online somewhere to reserve a slot in the sauna?

No. The sauna and lounge will both be open during our event hours and we expect people to cycle back and forth between the two spaces organically as they need to cool down and warm back up. If the sauna is full when you arrive, poke around in the gallery/lounge for a bit, or observe or participate in an activity for a few minutes and someone should step out for a break shortly, leaving a sauna space open for you.

What should I bring with me if I want to sauna?

We have set things up so that if someone walking by is curious and wants to join an activity or hop in the sauna, it’s easy for them to do so: we’ll have clean towels on hand, a changing area and a shower. We’ll also have drinking water and glasses. But if you know you’re coming in advance, and are able to bring your own towel, your own water bottle, and in an ideal world, a pair of slippers or flip flops, we recommend your doing so. Sauna fashion (felt sauna hats, entertaining bathing suits, glamorous dressing gowns etc.) is also welcome.

Is Sweat it Out family friendly?

Everyone is welcome at our events, so by default, we are family friendly, but there are no activities planned specifically for children. Children in the sauna must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times, and very young children may not be able to meaningfully participate in every date’s activities. Please review our event schedule to see if what’s happening on the date that you’re planning to attend sounds like a good match for your kids interests, and/or contact us with questions if you’re unsure.

Are there specific dates and times for single-gender sauna usage?

No. All sauna sessions are open to the full, wide spectrum of gender identifications, and bathroom and shower facilities are gender neutral. Sweat it Out has safe space guidelines to help keep the sauna and activities welcoming and comfortable for those of all genders, races, social classes and religious persuasions—in other words, we will adapt the sauna usage conditions to meet the needs of the individuals and communities that show up for each event.

Is Sweat it Out clothing optional?

Sweat it Out will be adhering as closely as possible to the kinds of sweat bathing traditions that happen around the world, but will also be maintaining conditions that are in compliance with our safe space policies and local laws. So clothing is optional within the sauna unless it makes the sauna an unwelcoming space for someone else. 

Is Sweat it Out able to make accessibility accommodations?

The sauna is not wheelchair accessible, but the gallery space/lounge and bathroom are. If someone with limited mobility wants to use the sauna, and contacts us in advance of an event, we will do our best to find a way to help make that possible with people power. We do not have a budget to do ASL interpretation of our discussions, but would love to offer this service. If anyone reading this has access to resources for this, please contact us and let us know. We will be offering verbal descriptions of all of Sweat it Out installation components that can be read aloud by a handheld device, available during all open gallery hours and at events, in order to make the exhibition accessible to those with low or no vision.

Should I come to your events even if I can’t stay for the whole event?

Yes! You are free to come and go at will.

Should I come to your events even if I don’t want to (or can’t for some reason) use the sauna?

Yes! There will be plenty of time and space to just hang out in the gallery/lounge and enjoy the companionship of your fellow Bostonians whether you sauna or not. At most events there will be discussions or other activities to participate in as well.

Should I come to your events even if I don’t want to participate in any kind of activities or discussions?

Yes! You can just come and sauna. Or you can just come and hang out.

I have a question that isn’t answered here. What should I do?

Please reach out to us directly via the information provided on our contact page.